As your councilor, I will work with you to address many of the issues we face daily in District 5. Fiscal discipline, public safety, youth programming, basic city services, and quality schools for our children are among the topics we need to address together.


  • Fiscal well-being starts with business: supporting small and large businesses, creating good jobs for hard-working Bostonians, and partnering with these businesses to support our community.
  • Public safety: Community policing has created a livable city with great neighborhoods; I will work with the next mayor to increase the focus and funding to continue to help the people who want to live, learn, shop, and grow old in our neighborhoods.
  • Youth programming: I have organized, created, developed, managed, coached, and actively pushed for additional programs for Boston’s youth over the past 20 years; you will not have a greater advocate for educational programming, sports programming, and summer jobs for our kids.
  • Basic City Services: What Boston residents see outside their front doors is important. I have been a member of the Basic City Services Team for over 20 year; I know how to engage with constituents and partner with neighborhood organizations. I will work with all of Boston’s line departments to ensure that District 5 residents like what they see and are happy with the coalition I will build.
  • Schools: Every family deserves the opportunity to send their children to safe neighborhood-based schools that will give them the opportunity to learn and grow. The youth of Boston deserve better than what they have now and the parents of District 5 should know that as councilor, I will support the Community K to 8 School Pathway Program, keeping our kids in our community.
  • Arts: As an original member of Riverside Theatre Works in Hyde Park, I know how important the arts are in the developing of our youth. I will support the arts in District 5 and throughout the city. I will create a program to engage our colleges and universities to support our music, public speaking, dance, drama, and art programs.