Having dedicated twenty years to serving the residents of District 5 and beyond, Tim is ready to take this commitment to a new level.

Tim began his career with the City of Boston in the Office of Neighborhood Services, where he established his long-standing reputation as someone who gets things done. He has been a fixture at neighborhood meetings where he further developed his passion for helping people and established his desire to be an instrumental part of the future of the City of Boston.

Tim continued his service in another capacity as Director of the Boston Youth Fund. He assembled an energized team whose efforts resulted in the creation of a nationally recognized web-based registration program, the HOPELINE. This program streamlined a process that hires thousands of youths each summer and has become a model for cities across the nation. In addition, he developed indispensible relationships with more than 200 non-profit organizations throughout the city that continue to offer jobs to Boston’s children.

As director of this program for ten years, Tim touched thousands of families. Not only did he provide a means of financial assistance, but he also instilled in young men and women the values of responsibility and real world skills.

Tim’s most recent stint in the Department of Public Works has brought him into the neighborhoods once again, where he is a voice for residents with concerns about infrastructure, zoning, safety, and basic city services. He is a vital link between the residents of the community and the providers of key services throughout the city. Appointed to manage the Big Belly Solar Power trash initiative 5 years ago, Tim has taken the program to a higher level. After writing an RFP for advertisers, Tim secured over $4 million worth of equipment for Boston while also creating a revenue source. Because of his efforts to save Boston money, protect the environment, and increase recycling in the public realm, Tim received the MassRecyles “Innovation in Municipalities Award” in 2012. The “Big Belly” solar powered trash compactors are now one of the most requested items for Mainstreet directors throughout Boston.

Tim is also an elected member of the City of Boston Credit Union. He currently serves on the Marketing and Labor Committees. The City of Boston Credit Union serves Boston and all of Norfolk and Suffolk Counties.

In addition to his commitment to the community, Tim has dedicated over 20 years to coaching and mentoring children throughout Boston. He is a fixture in the dugout in Parkway Little League, on the sidelines of Parkway Flag Football, on the bench of Parkway Travel Basketball, and creator of the toddler basketball program Hyde Park Hoopsters that still exists today. He is a leader and a role model, both on and off the court, on and off the field, to young men and women as well as his two sons, Dolan and Garrett. His wife, Maureen, is a high school English teacher and also a life-long resident of Hyde Park.

Tim’s education:

  • Graduate of Catholic Memorial High School and a former Varsity Football coach from 1999 to 2004.
  • Graduate of Curry College, where he was a member of the Alexander Graham Bell Society.
  • Graduate of the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development in 2004.
  • Currently working toward a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Suffolk University.